• fade away
  • rhapsody
  • light & airy
  • The New Classics With UGG: Contest Entry

  • Denim Is My Life
  • Denim & Coffee...
  • Classic Kicks
  • Favorite Festival Trend: Rompers

  • No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty
  • We keep wasting colors.
  • You could be my muse, oh.
  • x o x o

  • Classic.
  • Black & Yellow
  • Pastel spring.
  • Untitled #336

  • ♡ where have i been?
  • ⭐︎ we're two waves in the ocean
  • ⭐︎ while we suffer from our own hands
  • ⭐︎ you never walk alone

  • I think I know a little bit about myself now
  • There's nothing I'm afraid of
  • Your love is not a sin
  • My heart pours affection on you

  • and tell me why'd you'd have to have such a damn good taste in music? yeah if all my favorite songs make me think of you i'm gonna lose it
  • you got a smile that could light this town and we might need it cause it gets dark around here, real dark around here. most of my old friends I can only stand for the weekend but that doesn't apply here
  • i wanna get high with you in my room, i want it to rain, i wanna stay in bed today
  • she's so easy to fall for but boy, she's so hard to hold

  • icon contest entering #5
  • ⌜  alwayѕ вe dιғғerenт ⌟
  • nobody puts baby in the corner
  • we can go nowhere but up.

  • 136. And i bet sometimes you wonder about me
  • 135. It’s a waste of real love
  • 134. Tonight i’m gonna dance for all that we’ve been through
  • 133. Take me back to when I found my heart and broke it

  • ♡ disneyland! | i'm where i'm meant to go
  • ♡ 4 years on polyvore! | you don't judge me
  • ♡ life's never felt so good
  • ♡ words only get in the way